Our mission

The Center for Russia and Eastern Europe Research is the first initiative launched in 2017 in Geneva, by young specialists, from the civil society, with the aim to offer an objective vision on Russia and post soviet space. 

Completely independent, CREER only works with volunteering enthusiasm and conviction.

The idea of the concept CREER is launched in October 2017, a century after the Russian revolution, from the following statement: 

  • Geneva, an international and multicultural city, head of the United Nations in Europe and many NGO, did not offer a group of reflexion with specialists from this specific area, although International Geneva is the center for crucial business, political or cultural partnership for the EU.
  • The lack of education for specialists during the last twenty years caused the lack of a new expertise on this region, able to develop objectivity and dialogue.

The CREER goal is to bring a neutral and objective view on its specialisation zone, with the distance proper to the academic research, in a difficult international context and a disturbed media environment.

  • By enhancing the dialogue between specialists, academic research, entrepreneurs, political leaders and journalists about European and Eurasian  major international stakes, with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • By setting the issues in a global European and Eurasian context, taking into account the historical factor, the economic dimension and local context, integrating the past relations with the space « Russia – Eastern European countries » and contemporary rivalries, free from any lobby or influence.

Our network of specialists contributors from all over the world brings together young professionals, researchers, professors..all eager to share their research and work and to contribute to the common project, with the neutral and objective vision that is CREER.